ebook cover sizeFrom Dust to Dust – The Australian Team’s Tour of India 2013
Find out what really happened on the Tour of India through the wickedly outrageous chronicles of the 17th Man as he picks over the daily entrails of a Tour gone wrong.

Australian Cricket Tours of India always start with winning expectations that are ever so slowly deflated by stifling days watching dusty pies belted over the boundary ropes and a curry smorgasbord that runs through you like the Ganges. Mental disintegration under pressure is nothing new. Add the spice of HomeWorkGate, persecution of the Mohali 4, debilitating
on-field performances and a dash of sledging and you have enough explosive to shake the pillars of Australian cricket.

In his first book, The 17th Man reveals all about the Tour of India, from HomeWorkGate to the dead pitches and everything in between.

Available as an ebook (for Kindle and Kindle apps), and now in paperback as well,  at and

Ashes File CoverThe Ashes Files 2013

Preparation for The Ashes starts here!

Lateral Thinking leads to the Aussie Cricket Squad they needed!

The 17th Man continues his journey to greatness in his parallel universe of cricket chaos. This time, he’s been asked to vet the applications that flooded in after Australian cricket team management declared that all positions were up for grabs to all comers. Nadal? The Teletubbies? David Beckham? Apparently, they all want to play for Australia.

Available as an ebook (for Kindle and Kindle apps),  at and


COMING SOON: Coach2Coach



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